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“Leslie” Film based on NY Times Best Selling Author novel will be produced by Arthur Wylie and the makers of the successful Final Destination Brand.

Leslie by Omar TyreeFrom the creators of “Final Destination”, the feature length film adaptation of the classic novel ‘LESLIE’, written by New York Times Best Selling author Omar Tyree. Now read by over 8 million worldwide, according to Tyree’s publisher Simon & Shuster, the Omar Tyree brand has generated in excess of $50M in revenue worldwide.

Part I of the “LESLIE” trilogy follows the beautiful and serious college student Leslie Beaudet who struggles with a dark, powerful secret. In the eyes of her Haitian immigrant father, Leslie is a queen. To her Black Indian mother, she is a source of pride and strength. But when an alarming string of murders begin to point in Leslie’s direction, it becomes clear that no one knows the real Leslie, or her dark hunger for power. Dillard University in the lush, mystical city of New Orleans provides the backdrop for this supernatural thriller, that touches on the darker themes explored by films such as Stephen King’ “Carrie” and “Angel Heart”, but as well, blockbusters like “Stomp The Yard” and “Final Destination”. The film will be scored by RZA, and released during the Halloween season of 2010.

Writer: Omar Tyree
Production Budget: $10,000,000