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Arthur Wylie, the achievements of attainment

August 14, 2009 | LOS ANGELES EXAMINER
Arthur Wylie, the achievements of attainment by Sha’Linda Jeanine

Arthur Wylie Calling all hip hop practitioners, it’s that time again! The person who will one day move a mountain begins by carrying away small stones. Arthur Wylie must have caught wind of this sentiment while completing undergrad. Originally from Charlotte, North Carolina, Arthur Wylie invested private money and set up an investment company out of his dorm room at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and was a millionaire at age 26. Wylie is the founder and CEO of Arthur Wylie Enterprises, Inc., which has overseen $475 million in assets, transactions, insurance, intellectual properties and real estate. After establishing a successful real estate company and wealth management business that serviced notable professional athletes in the NFL, NBA and boxing Wylie set out to conquer new business challenges. Greatness takes on a vision that not everyone shares, this is what establishes Arthur as an exceedingly powerful phenomenon.

The floodgates of success have provided immense folds of treasures for Mr. Wylie and such lessons he gleefully chooses to pay forward. His current projects are in film development, celebrity events, books & Cd publishing, real estate ventures and he’s a much sought after public speaker. Arthur wants to awaken your intelligence! Wylie conducts a 20 plus city tour yearly on how people can take their life, career, and wealth to the next level. His Wealth Coaching Cd, “Why Die Broke?” has been getting phenomenal reviews nationally. Arthur is currently penning two books, “Why Die Broke?” and “Networking Is Not A Dirty Word”. The books will provide insight into the goal planning, investment strategies, marketing yourself and the execution required to become victorious in any career and accumulate financial success. Wylie is also changing the balance of intellectual property and the profits that ancillary markets provide, such as TV, film, digital, and DVD products. The future movie mogul decided to enter the billion-dollar film industry and expand the content audiences get from traditional Hollywood producers. He has acquired the film rights to 16 novels by New York Times best-selling author Omar Tyree’s work. Wylie’s company, Arthur Wylie Productions — a division of Arthur Wylie Enterprises, not only holds the film rights to the current novels, but some future literary works as well.

His supernatural ability and efforts have already secured distribution to be in approximate 1500 theaters in the United States in all major cities, and exhibitor chains with one of the largest distributors. Never stopping the momentum he has now started development into Television Production as well. Arthur Wylie himself has also written several screenplays and TV episodes and is rapidly expanding his library in all genres from Thrillers to Romantic Comedies. Many people who ascend to Wylie’s heights become more and more unreal as they grow; yet Arthur Wylie is far from being unpretentious. I recently reached out to Mr. Wylie to pick his brain and engage all of you lucky readers with life altering advice because the difference between poverty and wealth is knowledge.

S. Jeanine: First and foremost I would like to thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to conduct this interview. I want to begin by allowing you to plug any new projects, ventures, or promotions that you’d like to make mention of for the public to be on the look out for.

AW: Ok well it’s actually a couple of projects currently taking place. I acquired the film rights of all 16 books by New York Times best-selling author Omar Tyree’s. So we’re going to be producing film over the next 10 plus years , pushing to release one or two every year or at least every other year. I’m the executive producer of those projects. I also have brought Kim Harding on board who is one of the top-casting directors in the industry as one of my producers. Kim has been instrumental in discovering many rising stars including Halle Berry. However, all our producers are top notch and have been on projects that have grossed over $500,000,000 in box office sales. Now that’s just on the film side and only one portion of my catalog. We’re also going into television as well.

Also, I would like to discuss the official launch of the “Why Die Broke” Tour. This will be promoting my Coaching CD and workbook of how I have been teaching entrepreneurs and everyday people the secret of receiving multiple streams of income, starting companies, building wealth and beginning the path of becoming debt-free. I will also being doing workshops in those areas and webinars for those who cannot attend. I give people the step by step guide and template. The Guessing game is over!

S. Jeanine: So by now you’re world famous and have essentially traveled the globe, but you’re originally from Charlotte, NC so how often do you actually get to come back and visit the Queen City?

AW: Oh yeah I would say definitely now more than ever in this past year. When I’m in Charlotte I spend a good deal of my time with my family. The time that’s spent with them you hope to make it feel never ending. Sometimes I hit the golf course. I try and go out to see all of the new shops and restaurants that are being cultivated now in the area. Every time I come back into town it seems that they are constantly building and restructuring the landscapes. For years Charlotte was only a super mid city, but now it’s just a big city. So I like to ride around and check things out, but even when I do that it’s still in the company of my family. It’s always nice to stop back here because it gets hard to find the time to relax when you’re living bi-coastal and always on the go.

S. Jeanine: You have the “Getting Paid Tour” out right now, how did you get into motivational speaking?

AW: By managing money and being successful at it I found that people always wanted to know how to become wealthy. I began by speaking at local or church functions and people really desired to know the actual format to amassing wealth. But what really made things take off is when Omar Tyree stepped into my office one day and we began collaborating on a tour called “Why do good girl crave bad men?” for his new book that he had written entitled ‘Cold Blooded’. We took the tour to all of the colleges and universities and it became a very lucrative partnership.

S. Jeanine: So what topics do your seminars normally cover?

AW: I think it’s important to have structure. Right now I’m on my wealth building speaking tour “Why Die Broke?” and one of the things I’m always stating is that you can apply any template to any business that you’re doing. From a wealth management business, to a real estate company to something in the entertainment industry each incorporates similar platforms. It’s a lot of the same components needed for each entity, such as you have to have finances or capital. The next thing you will need to know is how to market your brand because even when you release your product in to the market if the public doesn’t know that it exist, than it doesn’t really mean anything. You’re going to also have to consider the quality of your product. You need to be able to build a niche. It’s all about taking the various components to any successful business and making them applicable to a new business in its early stages.

S. Jeanine: You have brokered a lot of monumental deals during your cycle of success. What is it that people should know or be aware of before attempting to negotiate any deal?

AW: You have to take yourself outside of what you want or only what your needs are. You have to look at their angle and consider what they may also want. Next you have to think about all of the reason why a person would say no to your deal. When you find that out you’re already ahead of the pack. You have to take all of those reasons “no” and go back to plug them into the equation so that they are turned into “yes”. Everybody wants to focus on getting to the answer, but sometimes the answer can be lying in the question.

S. Jeanine: There are a lot of people who desire to become an entrepreneur, what are the new challenges that they can expect to encounter? Meaning what is the hardest part of simply getting started?

AW: The hardest part in getting started is “getting started!” (Chuckles) People often have all of these goals and outlines towards where they would like to go but once they get it mapped out and look at the total process they get discouraged and never begin. They don’t focus on making step one. You have to follow through. Narrow it down if you have too, but you have to execute.

S. Jeanine: You recently acquired the film rights to novels by New York Times Best Selling Author Omar Tyree, what made you pursue that endeavor?

AW: Omar has over a million readers so we were able to gather upwards of $50 million in finances to produces his works. He was a strong brand that we want to further and advance. The publishing facet is a highly profitable field. Based on the success of works like those completed by Tyler Perry I recognized that people enjoyed and were willing to go and see these intellectual properties once developed. People identify and therefore become a fan of those works produced around a theatrical setting. With Omar we too now would have the ability to launch into film with a force. We’re going to use the Omar Tyree brand as a lead horse to branch off into new prosperous ventures. We are always looking for additional financing, partnerships and various structures. We are never comfortable and things can change in these financial markets at any moment. In addition, Omar and my production team won’t stop bringing great content to produce. So all serious investor let’s make a deal.

S. Jeanine: Your company has plans to develop Mr. Tyree’s works into a big screen debut nationally, what can we expect from the movie? What messages will the films convey?

AW: One is a film called “Leslie” based on the book by Omar Tyree. It’s about a Haitian family living in New Orleans. The focus is on their daughter and follows her story as she goes through the ins and outs of life and various trial and tribulations. She’s a very intelligent college girl who went to Dillard and lands in a tense situation without giving away too much. It is a nail biting action thriller that is going to separate us in this genre of film. Don’t believe the stereotypes that exist towards Omar’s work being only for women or being all about romance.

S. Jeanine: What is the most rewarding part of what you do?

AW: The most rewarding part of what I do is the FREEDOM! To be able to go out and get on a plane and go anywhere in the world and do what I love doing. My father once told me “Art if you can find something to do for a living that you can enjoy, than you never have to work another day in your life.” I’m really doing exactly what I want to do with my life. I love it because everyday is a brand new adventure.

S. Jeanine: When people hear the name Arthur Wylie what do you want to resonate with the public?

AW: Business Mogul, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Integrity, and definitely not a Quitter.